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500kw conjunto generador paralelo doosan

Información básica

Modelo: KH-500GF

Descripción del producto

Especificaciones 500kw doosan generador paralelo conjunto \ n1.manual / auto multi paralelo \ n2.auto seguimiento de frecuencia \ n3.short protección de circuito \ n \ n 500kw doosan generador paralelo conjunto: 1. Especificación de grupo electrógeno
Gensets model KH-500GF
Prime power(KW) 500
Rated voltage(V) 400 / 230
Rated current(A) 902
Rated frequency(HZ) 50
Rated Speed (rpm) 1500
Power Factor 0.8(lagging)
Dimensions(mm) (L×W×H) 3600x1420x1700
Genset Weight(kg) 4200
2. Especificación del motor diesel
Engine brand Doosan Daewoo
Engine model P222LE-S
Air Intake System Turbocharged, Air/Air Cooling
Fuel System BOSCH P type fuel pump
Cycle Four stroke
Cylinder Arrangement 12 in ”V”
Displacement 21.927L
Bore×Stroke (mm×mm) 128 x 142
Compression Ratio 14.6:1
Rated RPM 1500rpm
Cooling System Forced Water Cooling Cycle
Max. Standby Power at Rated RPM 603KW
Governor Type Electronic
Starting Method DC24V electrical starting
3. Especificación del alternador
Alternator brand Stamford
Alternator model HCI544F-S
Excitation Brushless ,Self-exciting, AVR automatic voltage regulating,100% Copper winding wire
Number of Phase 3
Connecting Type 3 Phase and 4 Wires
Number of Bearing 1
Power Factor 0.8
Protection Grade IP23
Altitude 1000m
Insulation Class, Temperature Rise H
Telephone Influence Factor (TIF) 50
THF 2%
Voltage Regulation, Steady State ±1%
Transient State Voltage -15%~+20%
4. Especificación del gabinete paralelo (con el controlador DEIF)
The control cabinet is parallel cabinet, with the display of voltage,current, frequency, water temperature, oil pressure. The genset with low oil pressure,high water temperature,over speed,over load protection function.
The application of DEIF controller:
The Basic Gen-set Controller is a micro-processor based control unit containing all necessary functions for
protection of a gen-set and control of mains and generator breaker. It contains all necessary 3-phase
measuring circuits and all values and alarms are presented on the LCD display. 
The BGC is a compact all-in-one unit designed for the following applications:
1. Automatic mains failure (no back sync.)
2. Island operation
Optional applications:
3. Multiple gen-sets, load sharing
4. Peak shaving
5. Fixed power to mains
6. Automatic mains failure (back sync.)
The BGC automatically carries out a cyclical self-test at start-up. If any errors are found, they will be displayed in clear text in the display.

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